89 San Antonio

PopulationMetro: 2,323,455
Rich in distinctly Texan attractions, San Antonio is a place for all seasons (and reasons).

The genius of San Antonio is that ever since 1941, it has sagely leveraged, grown and enhanced its greatest asset and attraction: the River Walk.

The idyllic pedestrian promenade along the San Antonio River, extended from three to 15 miles in 2013, is a scenic urban lifeline that connects visitors to everywhere they want to be and anchors the city’s #38 ranking for Attractions among global cities cities. On one end of the RiverWalk, there’s the UNESCO World Heritage Alamo site and the five colonial missions, key players in the strong Attractions finish. On the other, the San Antonio Zoo, and in between, the San Antonio Museum of Art, the Texas Golf Walk of Fame, and dozens of other curiosities, eclectic stops and riverside cafés.

Place 38
Product 15
Programming 8
People 47
Prosperity 39
Promotion 10

Increasingly, Pearl is a destination within the destination: a mixed-use space in a former brewery, it’s a beguiling blend of retail, dining, offices, a riverside amphitheatre, events and a campus of the Culinary Institute of America. Around the esteemed school, a host of grads and chefs have clustered, creating a smorgasbord of choices from Italian to ’cue to bakery to vegetarian cuisine. There’s the year-round Farmers’ market, the Hotel Emma, the modern reincarnation of a 19th-century brewhouse, and its restaurants, arbiters of local taste. San Antonio ranks Top 50 in the world in our Culinary subcategory.

Of course all that leisure is anchored in Texan work ethic. San Antonio ranks #30 globally for presence of Global 500 offices in town.