99 Nuremberg

PopulationMetro: 1,685,000
Historic and entrepreneurial, Nuremberg is a Bavarian tiger on the rise.

Few cities embody their country like Nuremberg does Germany.

The northern Bavarian city is a sprinkled with medieval architecture and the ancient fortifications and stone towers of its Altstadt (Old Town).

Amidst the red-tiled buildings rises Kaiserburg Castle. A short stroll away is Frauenkirche, a Gothic cathedral from the 14th century.

Not surprisingly, Bavaria’s second city scores reasonably well (#61) in our Place category.

There are also beer gardens, gingerbread bakeries and the dark memories of Nazi rallies and subsequent Nuremberg Trials to bring those who partook in the atrocities to justice.

Place 20
Product 25
Programming 4
People 54
Prosperity 42
Promotion 3

Adding to its complex tapestry today is a business climate that’s one of the strongest in Europe.

The city and its environs are hone to iconic German companies like Adidas, Puma, Diehl, Faber-Castell and Playmobil.

The firepower drives the city to a strong #57 global ranking in our Prosperity category, including #53 for Global 500 companies and #54 for GDP per capita.

Given all the enterprise nearby, perhaps the city boasting the 13th best convention center space on the planet shouldn’t be too surprising.

This being Germany, the city is open to talent from near and far, evident in the city’s #26 global ranking of foreign-born residents.