61 Tel Aviv

PopulationMetro: 3,465,000
A beach town with serious cultural chops, Tel Aviv is drawing on its past to forge an exciting future.

Tel Aviv is the ultimate crossroads metropolis, a UNESCO World Heritage site that meets the azure waters of the Mediterranean, where beach bums with longboards sit at sidewalk cafes sipping strong espresso drinks, and where the food fuses European culinary techniques with Arab spices.

With its year-round perfect weather, laidback lifestyle, and burgeoning tech industry, it’s no surprise Tel Aviv has become a popular place to live for foreign-born Millennials and Gen-Xers. (The city placed #23 in our People category, which measures the degree to which a city’s population is foreign-born, as well as the Educational Attainment of residents.)

Place 41
Product 22
Programming 8
People 75
Prosperity 30
Promotion 5

Start your visit in Neve Tzedek, a seaside neighborhood peppered with century-old buildings, many of which are home to some of the city’s coolest bars and restaurants. One of these is Dallal, a restored mansion with a pretty courtyard and the perfect spot for an all-day brunch of breads and cheeses, dips and spreads, and shakshuka (an egg dish with roasted eggplant and spinach).

Don’t miss a walk down the ancient alleyways of Jaffa’s Old City to the port, where fishermen bring in their daily catch, artists exhibit their work in renovated warehouse spaces such as at Jaffa Art Salon, and musicians perform to an eclectic crowd. Nearby is the flea market where locals and tourists barter for vintage finds, Arabic pottery, rugs, and records. Located in the city center and opened in 1932, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art houses a comprehensive collection by local and international artists. A new building of twisting geometric surfaces, designed by Preston Scott Cohen, is one of the city’s landmarks.

But you don’t have to go to a museum to be immersed in art and design. In a city with the planet’s largest concentration of Bauhaus buildings, fascinating architecture is everywhere you look.