PopulationMetro: 1,945,000
Isolated and rich, this Aussie resource town loves to entertain.

Out on the west coast of Australia is Perth, a beautiful, isolated and extremely wealthy city of nearly two million people that ranks Top 20 in the world in our Prosperity ranking—led by its 9th spot in GDP per capita, and #53 our Fortune Global 500 companies subcategory, including Australian conglomerate Wesfarmers.

Perth ranks 19th overall for People, a measure of the number of foreign-born citizens (#17 globally) and of the educational attainment of a population.

From a visitor’s perspective, some of the most interesting people are indigenous to Perth, and at places like Six Seasons Gallery, you can see some 3,000 Indigenous works of art from across Australia, each offering insights into the Aboriginal experience. The Aboriginal Nyungar experience is woven throughout the new 60,000-person Perth stadium, in art installations, trails, interpretative storyboards and digital storytelling—an enriching foil for the Australian rules cricket and football that will be played there.

Place 37
Product 9
Programming 2
People 76
Prosperity 57
Promotion 8

Perthites of every provenance are avid outdoors people, and the city’s 70th place ranking for Parks & Outdoor Activities, will improve as more people discover ithe city’s investment in accessing all that natural bounty. There are 80 kilometres of beachfront on Perth’s coastline; being west, it’s also great for sunset swims, particularly at Cottesloe Beach.

Elizabeth Quay is a mixed-use urban development that connects the city to the Swan river, and is home to the Perth International Arts Festival; King’s Park and Botanic Gardens, one of the world’s biggest inner city parks, is rich in Aboriginal and European history. But head to car-free Rottnest Island, where you’ll bike, swim, and with luck, get a Quokka Selfie, the must-have souvenir of your smiling face close—but not too close—to Perth’s most lovable marsupial.