PopulationMetro: 6,600,000
Dallas works hard and plays harder. It’s the Texas way, where you go big or go home.

Dallas-boosters like to say that “Big Things Happen Here,” and you’re bound to count among your souvenirs a selfie of your body filling the “I” space in one of 20 6-foot tall “B-G” sculptures in the city.

But it’s not only city branding that’s big: the Dallas metropolitan area is home to more than 10,000 corporate headquarters, giving the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex the largest corporate head office concentration in the United States. Which would explain Dallas’ #24 ranking for Global 500 headquarters and the related #20 finish for GDP per capita.

Place 36
Product 35
Programming 8
People 63
Prosperity 55
Promotion 17

A city with lots of corporate headquarters is a city that’s easy to get to; Dallas is #15 in the world for Connectivity, a measure of direct flight access into a city’s principal airport. But the city isn’t just big money; it’s big fun, too. Dallas boasts the larger-than-life State Fair of Texas, a National Historic Landmark that’s not only one of the largest, but also the longest running fair in the U.S, at 24 days.

But the big goes on: the city is also home to America’s sixth-largest LGBT community, with bars and restaurants concentrated in Oak Lawn, and to the Dallas Arts District, the largest contiguous urban arts district in the nation. On 20 square blocks of mixed-use space, museums like the Dallas Museum of Art, the Crow Collection of Asian Art, the renowned Nasher Sculpture Center—with its Calders, Matisses and Picassos—as well as theatre, symphony and opera venues, along with restaurants and bars, all contribute to a #54 global ranking in Culture.

The Dallas Arts District was recognized by Michelin’s Le Guide Vert in 2016, prompting the city to expand Arts Week to Arts Month (essentially all of April). We’d bet big money that culture rankings will only climb in the future.