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St. Albert

For years now, St. Albert has provided a secret key to living in the Alberta Capital Region—aka Edmonton and its surrounding areas. Its location just minutes away from northwest Edmonton (and its Costco) means big-city incomes (St. Albert ranks #3 among small cities for Household Income), relative ease of home ownership (#10) and few of the urban trade-offs (which explains the town’s impressive #3 ranking in our Prevalence of Income Equality subcategory). All told, St. Albert’s #4 Prosperity ranking is the highest in our top 20. But the reliance on Edmonton isn’t absolute and St. Albert is very much its own place—it’s one of the only bedroom communities surrounding Edmonton that has its own hospital, for one. The Sturgeon Community Hospital offers emergency, women’s health, cardiac care, surgery, medicine, pediatrics and rehabilitation care in modern, clean facilities. In a province with a crippling doctor exodus, St. Albert claims more than 2.5 doctors per 1,000 residents—good for #18 among Canada’s small cities. But health and wealth are just a part of the good life here. It has its own provincial park—Lois Hole Centennial (which includes Big Lake, an ecologically significant bird habitat)—and boasts Western Canada’s largest outdoor farmers’ market.