Moncton - Best Cities


This year marks the 20th anniversary of Moncton citizens voting to become Canada’s first officially bilingual city. That distinction is a good starting point to understand this thriving, industrious city in the heart of a province packed with wilderness and beaches. Moncton performs well in our lifestyle metrics, tied for #2 in the country for its nightlife, fuelled by the youthful energy of Université de Moncton. No fewer than 30 restaurants are within a five-minute saunter of Moncton’s highly walkable downtown, with new arrivals like Euston Park Social, a shipping container craft beer garden, keeping things fresh and buzzing. The city is also packed with family activities to keep locals and visitors busy, from its #8 ranking in Museums (led by the 130-year-old Musée acadien) to its #9 in Family-friendly Activities (the Magnetic Hill Zoo!). But it’s more than a great lifestyle that’s attracting new residents to Moncton: local boosters like to point out that home ownership here costs just 37 per cent of the national average. Moncton also leads the country in our Income Equality subcategory, and the Conference Board of Canada projects that the city’s GDP will grow at 1.9 per cent through 2024, helping improve its #42-ranked Employment Rate.