Lévis - Best Cities


Like Brooklyn with its view of Manhattan, the location of Lévis, Quebec, on the far side of the St. Lawrence River, serves up breathtaking panoramas of Canada’s most historic city. Of course, that proximity means this quaint (and historic in its own right) suburb also benefits from capital city benefits without the hassles of urban life. Access to Quebec City is less than 25 minutes by road along the Pierre Laporte Bridge, or, more scenically, a 10-minute crossing via hourly ferries. The economic benefits to Lévis are plentiful. The city ranks #11 for Employment Rate among Canada’s small cities and #5 for Income Equality. But not all economic activity is reliant on big-city jobs. Lévis is the main urban, business and manufacturing centre of the Chaudière-Appalaches region, and the city has always invested in ensuring its resident (and talent) pool is healthy and happy—starting with the fact that this is the fourth-safest small city in Canada, surrounded by more than 250 parks and green spaces and hundreds of kilometres of bike lanes. The dozen outdoor and indoor pools were further enhanced with the unveiling of a multifunctional aquatic complex in 2019.