44 Tallahassee

PopulationMetro: 382,627
If there are two words to describe Tallahassee’s workforce, it’s young and diverse.

This capital city of Florida and home to top-notch universities like Florida State and Florida A&M is young, diverse, and more affordable than other cities in Florida.

Tallahassee is also the fastest growing economy per capita in the entire state of Florida, making it an attractive place to start your career. The city also has a well-rounded cultural scene, with numerous public art installations as well as the Museum of Florida History and the Black Archives Research Center & Museum.

If there are two words to describe Tallahassee’s workforce, it’s young and diverse—with the average age of residents at 26 and nearly 8% of the population born outside the country. This youthful workforce is primarily employed in educational services (largely revolving around the universities) and public administration.

Place 37
Product 27
Programming 25
People 57
Prosperity 29
Promotion 40

Finding a good place to eat in Tallahassee isn’t tough, which is why they rank at #30 on our subcategory of restaurants on our list. From milkshakes with an entire slice of cake at the Sugar Rush Bar to farm-to-table restaurants like Backwoods Crossing to the classic Dog Et Al., which has bragging rights to serving dogs 10,230 ways for over 33 years.

Though Florida State University is primarily known for its stellar athletics (three national football championships and counting), it is the oldest higher education institution in the state and a major research institution—and also a large reason why Tallahassee ranks at #17 on our subcategory of educational attainment. With 106 baccalaureate degrees in 106 programs and over 30,000 students, this school is easily the beating heart of Tallahassee.