PopulationMetro: 464,593
A casino town goes all in on art, culture and innovation. Is it any wonder that young talent is pouring in?

By day, this sun-drenched town at the feet of the snow-capped Sierra Nevadas earns its #14 rank for Weather. By night, its neon-lit casinos help to score Reno a #4 rank for Nightlife.

But it’s not just gamblers taking a chance on the “Biggest Little City in the World.” Increasingly, it’s tech companies and highly educated young workers, who come for the jobs and stay for the enviable location (Lake Tahoe is 30 minutes away) and accompanying year-round outdoor lifestyle.

Reno residents know location is key—and they take full advantage of the natural assets that help earn their city a #2 ranking for Instagram Hashtags among small U.S. cities. The slopes are less than an hour’s drive and the rocky cathedrals of Yosemite National Park are a long-weekend road trip.

Place 47
Product 82
Programming 61
People 58
Prosperity 36
Promotion 61

But it’s also Reno’s built assets that are separating it from the pack. Its convention center ranks #2, just behind Atlantic City, while its Attractions—from the National Bowling Stadium to the new Urban Air Adventure Park trampoline emporium—are #4 in the country.

The city’s middling ranking of #29 for Fortune 500 Companies and its low household income are both poised to rise. Tesla opened its “Gigafactory” battery plant in 2016 and Amazon and Google-parent Alphabet have campuses at the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, one of the largest industrial parks in the world.