39 Jacksonville

PopulationMetro: 1,504,980
Florida’s fastest growing city is the next destination for talent and tourists.

Everyone wants to move to Jacksonville these days—and the city has experienced unprecedented growth in a short time period, with a 5% increase from 2015 to 2017.

Young professionals are lured to Jax for jobs as well as its low cost of living. With just a short drive to beaches and the country’s largest urban parks system (giving it a #19 ranking on our Parks & Outdoor subcategory), Jacksonville isn’t a bad place to hang your beach hat.

With top jobs in aerospace, financial services, and IT, Jacksonville is home to companies like Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Mayo Clinic, JP Morgan Chase, Citi, Johnson & Johnson, and Aetna, giving the city high marks in our Prosperity category. Jax also has bragging rights to a diverse workforce, making it a more inclusive and welcoming city for all types of workers.

Place 43
Product 9
Programming 7
People 42
Prosperity 35
Promotion 8

With 22 miles of beaches and access to the winding St. Johns River, Jacksonville is filled with natural amenities to enjoy nearly all-year round in the Florida sunshine. And if outdoorsy activities aren’t your idea of a good time, you could always indulge in the local sports scene—whether you’re cheering for the Jaguars or their quirkily named minor league baseball team, the Jumbo Shrimp.

Jacksonville ranks #19 for safety, has close access to the beach, has great air quality, and has over 80,000 acres of parkland, making it an ideal place for any stage of life—whether you have a young family, you’re a single professional, or you’re a retiree looking for a slower pace of life.