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PopulationMetro: 2,058,844
With a myriad of art galleries, art studios, and record stores across town, it’s very easy to get your culture fix in Cleveland

With a myriad of art galleries, art studios, and record stores across town, it’s very easy to get your culture fix in Cleveland.

Cleveland has now received more bragging rights than just Cav’s super player, LeBron James. The city itself is now #14 for Culture and #25 for Shopping. Not to mention a Top 15 spot for University rankings.

Cleveland has seen a lot of dynamic change, not only in cityscape but in population as well. Since 2000, it has seen an 80% increase in terms of reported millennials living within the city. A huge attribute of this insane rise is the university landscape and the welcoming environment catered to student life. But there’s also the simple fact that Cleveland is just cool now.

With a myriad of art galleries, art studios, and record stores across town, it’s very easy to get your culture fix in Cleveland, which ranks #34 for Culture. If you go, don’t miss the wonderful exhibit of this scene is the Annual Waterloo Arts Fest, which features more than 40 eclectic local bands playing a great mix of music, local handmade art vendors, mouth-watering food trucks, and an exciting mix of innovative and interactive art experiences for all ages. This community event is produced by Waterloo Arts, a nonprofit art center whose mission is to enrich the neighborhood culturally and economically by creating a stimulating arts environment through exhibits, performances, special events, and educational programming.

Place 32
Product 17
Programming 8
People 21
Prosperity 34
Promotion 9

In June 2019, Cleveland will honor the 50th anniversary of the final fire on the Cuyahoga River. The infamous fire ignited not only a Cleveland waterway but the country’s long-standing environmentalist movement. Cuyahoga50.org will bring people together to celebrate H2O and spark future action through the largest series of public clean water events in the country. The 18th annual Burning River Fest will celebrate with two days of music, beer and community at one of the most beautiful waterfront locations in Cleveland, the Historic Cleveland Coast Guard Station.

Shopping is also an enjoyable pastime within the city. Commonly named the treasure trove of Cleveland—with some of the most outstanding Google reviews you’ll ever see for a thrift store—the Flower Child Vintage is home to many rare antique and vintage finds. For a more streamlined experience, The Arcade in Cleveland is modeled after the Galleria Vittorio in Milan. The Colonial Arcade, built in 1898, and the Euclid Arcade, constructed in 1911, were connected in 2000 and 12 years later when Cumberland Development assumed management, it has worked diligently to revitalize the spaces, filling all of the vacant spaces with unique, local retail.

Tremont Taphouse

Destination Cleveland, the destination marketing and management organization for Cuyahoga County, announced a record-breaking 18.5 million visitors in 2017. The region’s rate of visitor growth continues to outpace the U.S. growth rate (1.9% in 2017), according to Tourism Economics.

“With more visitors coming to the region year after year, perceptions of Cleveland continue to changed around the country and the world,” says David Gilbert, president and CEO, Destination Cleveland. “Positive travel-related experiences in Northeast Ohio influence visitors’ consideration of Cleveland as a place to live, work, study or invest, which helps us to get one step closer to our goal of becoming a destination city.”